Traditional vertical blinds are perfect for your wide windows. Our customized vertical blinds offer an impeccable look to your home. To order personalized blinds, you need to specify shape, size, colour, etc. Thinner and lighter materials always makes a great vertical blind.
  • The elegant blinds maintain a perfect balance of light and darkness.
  • They offer your room the privacy you need.
  • Personalized blinds are perfect for your home as well as the office.
  • Based on the size of the windows, we adjust the width and height.
  • We offer vertical blinds of numerous colours and shades. These are bound to fit with the colour of your interior.
  • By balancing the sunlight in your room, the vertical blinds protect your furniture from UV radiation and hence damaging.

Traditional vertical blinds come with chains and cord. With the chain, you can rotate vanes; open them and close. The cord helps to move the blind from one side to another. It also secures your wall. If you want something classy, buy the left stack and right stack. With these, you can choose on which side the vertical blind will rest if it’s opened. The wand control is one of the greatest options to control your blinds. It’s a child-safe alternative. If you use a split control, you can open the blinds in the middle. If you want gentle light through the vanes, a free hang fabric would be the best for you.


Venetian blinds look excellent with their flawless beauty. They enhance your home’s décor and also keeps the heat out of your house. These are one of the most popular types of window blinds, perfect for every room of your home or office. The blinds consist of horizontal slates, which you can rotate as per your need. For the most stylish Venetian blinds, have a look at our collection. We have wooden and aluminum blinds. The lustrous finish offers a great light control facility. The state of the art blinds are available in multiple colours. Our versatile Venetian blinds look great on any type of window. These are designed to fit your wall, furniture and taste.

Our wooden Venetian blinds are made of the finest quality seasoned wood. The robust blinds can withstand weather changes with ease. Generally crafted for traditional homes, our wooden Venetian blinds look charming even in a modern house. If you have a big garden in your home, no doubt it would give immense pleasure whenever you look at it through your wooden blinds.

Our sleek and strong aluminum Venetian blinds always enhance the look of your home. Available in neutral shades, monotones and subtle pastels, our collection will amaze you for sure. You can get it at incredible prices.

Like the vertical blinds, the Venetian blinds also control light and shade, and reduce energy consumption. Being wind resistant is their added advantage. As these blinds are heavy, the wind cannot disturb them much. In Venetian blinds, the slats adjustment offers a marvellous dimming effect. These are highly durable and that’s why they requires a low maintenance cost. The Venetian blinds make your office and home extremely comfortable.

Venetian blinds Auckland

Our handcrafted, stained and painted wooden blinds are completely eco-friendly. If you want to give your house a warm and homely look, nothing could be better than this. The robust, lightweight and moisture resistant wooden blinds are made of finest quality wood. Perfect for large windows, the wood blinds come with a decorated valance. If you don’t want sunlight in your room, buy window blinds with no holes. To give your office and house a smart and classic look, select our contemporary colour wooden blinds. The coloured blinds complement your furniture and home décor. Our blinds do not fade and these are resistant to moisture.

A perfect blend of traditional and modern trends, our wooden blinds keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The strong slats of these blinds can withstand even the toughest environment. You can use the wooden blinds in kitchens and bathrooms too. The blinds come with numerous fabrics with lining at the back, so that your privacy never is never disrupted.

We have woven blinds with unique shades of bamboo, reeds and wood. They invites you to live with nature. We also have roll up and Roman blinds.

Wooden Blinds Auckland

If you are a shift worker and sleep during the day, then a block out blind is your thing. It completely blocks the sunlight and reduces your heating costs too. Light coloured block out blinds are ideal for modern homes. Block out window blinds are most used in nurseries, hospitals and offices. If you need to use the computer during the day, keep your room dark with this specific window blind.

To create a warm, cozy and noise free atmosphere, nothing could be better than block out blinds. The stylish blinds with reflective backing reduce heat gain as well as heat loss. With this simply perfect window dressing, you can balance the heat and light in your home and office. Keep it half open and half closed and enjoy heat and light with comfort.

Made of 100% polyester with an acrylic coating, these are very easy to clean. Offers 99% UV protection and is perfect for every room. We provide brackets, screws, child safety clip and a sidewinder mechanism. These are necessary for hassle free functioning of the blinds.

Our block out blinds are available in versatile styles and shades. We have solid colours, corporate shades, designer fabrics, etc. Installation and maintenance is completely hassle free and are available within a competitive price range. Our specialized collection includes screens, fire retardant, anti microbial, translucent and many more. People prefer our blinds due to their durability and variety. We supply manually controlled blinds as well as motorized ones.


To protect your home from UV rays, sunscreen blinds are the best. We have classic, contemporary, subtle and bold sunscreen blinds. They do not block out the outer views completely and let you enjoy the best of both worlds. You can maintain privacy without missing the awesome views outside.

Made of polyester, fiberglass or the new polyester, the sunscreen blinds are perfect for your home and office. They block almost 90% of heat and UV rays but you get to enjoy the beautiful views from your window. The semi-transparent blinds are finely woven with holes in between the threads. The make restricts heat while allowing light to enter rooms. With Sunscreen, people can work comfortably in privacy. The blinds have a chain control system with traditional spring mechanism.

If you are working in a room with Sunscreen, no one can see you from outside. At night after putting the lights on, only silhouettes can be seen. The blinds are completely safe for children. Available within unbeatable range, we offer a variety of colours and fabrics to match your taste. The robust and gorgeous sunscreens are very easy to handle. If you want personalized sunscreens, kindly specify them while placing the order.


We offer premium quality wooden (PVC) blinds, made from natural wood. These are easy to install and maintain. If your room is humid and you want to get rid of the sun’s glare, these blinds would be perfect for you. PVC is a versatile material and provides advanced light blockage. These affordable blinds give your house an impeccable look. Wooden (PVC) blinds keep your house cozy even in the ruthless weather. Available in multiple colours, shades, designs and variations, PVC wooden blinds are sturdy and durable. With a wide range of finishings, we make sure that these blinds look compatible with your furniture.

We offer PVC blinds in various shapes and sizes that are suited to fit all types of windows. If you want something softer than the pure PVC blinds, then choose our PVC backed fabrics. They looks swanky, and keep dust and heat away from your home. The rigid backing can withstand weather changes with ease and keep your home beautiful forever. To enhance the look of your home order customized blinds.

Our wooden (PVC) blinds look great in traditional as well as in modern homes. These are an economical choice as compared to the traditional wooden blinds. Cleaning wooden (PVC) blinds are completely hassle free. If you don’t get enough time to clean your blinds or cleaning is not your thing, just give us a call; our ultrasonic blind cleaners will reach you.