Blind Cleaners Auckland

Window blinds! Always your first choice for window treatment, why won’t it be! Elegant curtains cannot replace the smarter look provided by the blinds. By maintaining a perfect balance to the light and darkness, no doubt, it offers an extraordinary appearance to your home and office.
After purchasing the perfect window blinds, you feel elevated, but every beautiful thing in life comes with a responsibility. So, no matter how tight your schedule is, just don’t forget to clean your blinds at regular interval. A dirty blind not just looks dingy, but also create dicey condition to your health. The deposited dirt contains bacteria, fungus, allergen, etc.
The Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners are here to offer the cleaning service at an unbeatable price. Our state of the art cleaning methodology, keeps your blinds dirt free without any scratch, pit or damage. Just give us a call; we will reach at your doorstep.
Ultrasonic technology is used in all hospitals, dental surgeries and optometrists as part of the sterilization process. It is also used in many other industries that require a precision clean to remove dirt, dust, grime, mold, and bacteria. Ultrasonic will not scratch, pit or damage items the way that conventional cleaning methods do. Having trouble getting Silhouette or Honeycomb Blinds cleaned? We have a lot of happy customers who are thrilled with the results of our unique cleaning process.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning technology

An ultrasonic blind cleaner machine with a mild soap forms a lot of tiny bubbles. The sound waves from the machine produce a squeezing effect. It knocks out the dirt and the germs from the immersed blinds. This is the swiftest cleaning method. Without any chemicals, it provides efficient cleaning. Ultrasonic blind cleaning is the perfect one for your gorgeous window blind.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners Auckland

Are you bored of your window blinds, which you have bought just a few weeks ago? What turned your brilliant blind so dull? Do you see layers of the dust on it that you can’t manage to clean! Work always keeps us busy, but that doesn’t mean you need to endure dirty blinds. Dust becomes part of almost everything that we cannot clean. However, manual cleaning is simply not a practical option now, but an ultrasonic blind cleaning can save you from the stress of living with dirty blinds. It’s way too cheaper than buying a new set. Chances of forming scratch and pit, or damaging your blinds are almost negligible with the ultrasonic cleaning method. Our team makes your blinds look like fresh from the store.


Aluminium Venetian Blinds

1 Metre Wide $15.00 2 Metre wide $20.00 3 Metre wide $25.00 + GST

Vertical blinds Cleaning

$2.40 +GST per blade (2-3 working days)

Wood-look blinds

From $45 + GST each (Same day service)
1 Metre Wide $45.00 2 Metre wide $65.00 3 Metre wide $75.00 + GST

Wooden blinds

From $45 + GST each (Same day service)
1 Metre Wide $45.00 2 Metre wide $65.00 3 Metre wide $75.00 + GST

Roller Blinds Auckland and Sunscreen

From $45 + GST per blind (Same day service)
1 Metre Wide $45.00 2 Metre wide $65.00 3 Metre wide $75.00 + GST

Honeycomb Blinds & Roman Blind Cleaning

From $35 per blinds (Same day service)
1 Metre Wide $35.00 2 Metre wide $55.00 3 Metre wide $75.00 + GST

Silhouette Blinds

From $45.00 +GST (Same day service)
1 Metre Wide $45.00 2 Metre wide $65.00 3 Metre wide $75.00 + GST

Call out fee

$65.00 + GST which involves consultation with trained blinds technician, remove your blind for cleaning and repairs, also installation blinds.

Repair Price List

All Cord Locks(venetian,wooden,roman) $45.00
All Tilter Controls(venetian,wood,roman) $45.00
All Restrings (venetian,wooden,roman) $60.00
Wands (Each) $10.00
Venetian Blind End Plug Bottom Rail $2.50
Venetian Bottom Cups $2.50
Venetian Top Rail cups $2.50
Sunscreen /Blockout Blind (Control unit) $45.00
Bracket (Sunscreen /block out) $5.00
Sunscreen /Blockout Blind (Chain) $4.50
Vertical Blind (Carage Hooks) $20.00 Fitted
Vertical Blind (Cord Weight Pack) $15.00
Vertical Blind (Control Chain per/metre) $4.50
Vertical Blind (Bottom Chain per/metre) $4.50
Vertical Blind Weights (89 mm) $1.75
Vertical Blind Weights (100 mm) $1.75
Vertical Blind Weights (127 mm) $1.75
Labour $65.00/Hour All price + gst